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How do you use our adaptor kit systems?

Our adaptor kit system makes using gas around the world simple.

Connect to any cylinder available worldwide, using one regulator, a high pressure hose and our range of cylinder adaptors.  

Dependant on your location, and available cylinders, select the appropriate adaptor(s).

(Sold in handy kits as well as individually)

The appropriate adaptor connects to the regulator inlet via a high pressure hose.

(4017 or 4417)

One bulkhead mounded, regulator, regulates Butane or Propane to 30mbar  

The low pressure outlet of the regulator is connected to the vessel's pipework, either directly to the copper, or via a flexible connection.  

4009 clipart.png
4010 Drawing.png
4017 Clipart.png
4018 clipart.png

Note: our adaptors do NOT connect directly to either our or other manufactures regulators. 

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