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What is a Marine LPG Regulator?

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Key differences compared to a domestic/caravan regulator: 

Advanced safety features -

Built in over pressure relief valve.

Designed to work with Butane and Propane, therefore are capable of regulating a far greater pressure range.

Built to a higher specification

As marine LPG regulators have to be dual fuel (Butane & Propane), and capable of withstanding harsh marine environments, all of our regulators are manufactured using suitable, stronger and more durable materials. They are rigorously tested and have CE, EN and BS approval for use in the marine world.

Do I need a marine LPG regulator?

From 2000 European and British small craft standards require regulators to be suitable for the marine environment. "Pressure regulation devices in accordance with EN 16129:2013, Annex M, meets these requirements"

Gas Safe® UK have stated, any craft in a seawater environment still using a normal LPG regulator is deemed "not to current standards".

Registered engineers are instructed to replace with Annex M regulators

Craft used in fresh water, where conditions could exceed force 4, and a significant wave hight (up to 0.5m) could be experienced, should use a Annex M regulators.

-Over Pressure Relief

-Reinforced diaphragm

-Dual fuel

-CE approved 

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